Faux Fur + Leather

Photos By: Dayna Soar

Hey there everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful christmas! It seems like Dallas just keeps getting colder and colder as the year comes to an end. I absolutely hate cold weather but I love the clothes! Cold weather is the perfect excuse to go absolutely buck-wild and crazy with fur vests and (my personal favorite) leather! You can never have to much leather in my opinion haha! I found this beautiful black, white, and gray fur vest at H&M a little while ago before the weather was super cold and I started to not get it until I saw four other women eye-ing it! It was the last one in my size and I literally had to grab it from a mannequin that was on a ridiculously high shelf with a hanger haha (those days I worked in retail come in handy)! All in all it was worth the trouble! Look at how perfect it looks with my leather lights! :) My beautiful Michael Kors purse was a gift that I was waiting to wear with the perfect outfit! Being warm and cute isn't always easy to do, but I think I did it pretty darn good! What do you think?

you again Ms. Dayna Soar for capturing me and my outfit so beautifully in the photos above! Follow her on instagram: @itsdaynarenee
Fur Vest: H&M
Sheer Blouse: Forever 21
Purse/Watch: Michael Kors
Knee-High Boots: Wet Seal

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