Something Black Something Blue

Photos By: Dayna Soar

Happy December! Hope everyone has had a great holiday season so far! I've been sick for a bit and going through one thing after another but even though it seems I've got 99 problems, an outfit aint one haha! This outfit was a very spur of the moment combination of sporty, easy and fun. Ever had that feeling where you want to wear something comfortable but not too shabby and still super cute all at the same time? Well this outfit is my comfy/not-too-shabby/but-still-super-cute-outfit! My pants are the product of a spur of the moment shopping spree in Rue21 on the quest to find comfy joggers for a road trip. These pants are so comfortable that every time I wear them I never want to take them off! Turns out that the joggers didn't look too bad with heels so that was a huge plus! My "I'm Not Sorry" sweatshirt is from Forever 21 and my absolutely amazing shoes are from! I went to LA for a summer vacay a few years back and I modeled a few shoes from on the news. I was sent a few pairs of shoes from the line as a thank you for modeling! Aren't they just Fabulous?! Lastly, my purse was a treasure I received while working for a company called Dezine News Accessories. A few samples were left over so I was able to get my hands on one of my own! It's ostrich and leather and pretty spacious for it to be so small. The blue matched the blue color in my shoes so I thought it was the perfect accent to complete my outfit! This outfit was so comfortable and easy it's ridiculous! How cute am I?!

Special Shout-Out and Thank you to Ms. Dayna Soar for capturing me and my outfit in the photos above! Follow her on instagram @itsdaynarenee ! #ShesAwesome


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