Briana Shenee’ Roker is a blessed woman of many talents. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Ms. Roker has created a career thus far as a fashion creative through freelance modeling, fashion styling, creative directing, blogging/vlogging and motivational speaking. A graduate of the Art Institute of Dallas with a degree in Fashion & Retail Management (Merchandising) was only an additional achievement among all of her others.

A representation of millennial magic in itself, Briana’s risk taking nature, strong faith and fighters spirit has positioned her to be one of the best in the game and a dream for any team. The creativity and freedom behind fashion and style is truly an art in her eyes.  Roker has designed and created many concepts for photo-shoots, video shoots, and even commercials. By having the talent to model, style and creative direct for over the past 7 years or so, Briana has become a triple threat. Shortly after completing school at the Art Institute of Dallas, Briana started a fashion and lifestyle blog “BSRTheFashionista” that gave her the creative freedom to write, advise, and educate others on fashion, style, and life in general.

After realizing how much of an impact she was making through writing for her blog and expressing her own struggles and methods to getting through everyday life, Briana co- founded The Impact: A Millennial Empowerment Experience. The Impact is a millennial empowerment experience founded & designed to influence, empower, and impact young adults on everyday issues that affect, attack, and apply to their age group, current life stage and overall lifestyle. The Impact is held every quarter and consists of a panel discussion, small gathering and performance.

Whether it be walking in a fashion show, styling/creative directing a fashion editorial, or impacting others through her blog or The Impact Experience — Roker is a woman who prides herself on exposing others to beauty in every form and exposing others to see it through themselves as people, their mindsets as an individual and their way of life as a purposeful human.