//Clinique + InStyle #StartBetter Event//

I had a chance to get more acquainted with the beauty brand Clinique as well as some great new tips from InStyle magazine’s style expert Tai Beauchamp this weekend at the Clinique + InStyle #StartBetter event. Now I’m no beauty expert, not even in the least bit. Ask me about fashion and I can talk for days, but ask me about makeup and I have absolutely no words. My entire makeup collection fits in the palm of my hand haha! I have a lot to learn but I learned more than I do currently so I guess you can say I’m a work in progress. Talking to Tai Beauchamp was such a pleasure and the tips she gave on living better, staying fabulous, and becoming a better you overall was wonderful! A few of my favorite tips from her included the importance of trying something new on a constant basis and making time for yourself even though life can seem to be so overwhelming at times. Becoming a better you means learning to start everything you do in a better way whether it be with your health, your beauty routine or your wardrobe. #BeBetter #BecomeBetter #StartBetter 

After speaking with Tai, I was given a makeover by a makeup artist as well as complimentary juice from this awesome place called “The Juice Bar”.  I let the makeup artist pretty much have the freedom to do whatever she wanted because I didn’t really know what direction to go in as a beginner. After cleaning my face with cleansing milk, this super awesome device that sucks all the dirt out of your skin and cleanses it at the same time called the sonic was used to give my skin a fresh clean base. After letting the make-up artist work her magic, I ended up with a cat-eye that could make anyone stop and stare and a pretty purple/pink lip.  I love the eyeliner and lipstick and would definitely recommend it for beginners like me or any make-up experts and gurus! Overall, I really enjoyed myself! I was even given the cutest little make-up bag (my very first make-up bag that is lol) along with a free mascara!  I plan on going back to pick up a few goodies to add to my delicate little collection!

P.S. The drinks from the juice bar were absolutely amazing! Finding something that is healthy for you and has a great taste is priceless! I tried the “Watermelon (watermelon, mint)” and the “Start Me Up (pineapple, apple, mint)”. The “Start Me Up” was my favorite! It was absolutely delicious! After tasting it my taste buds were like “where have you been all my life, you green goodness?!” - MUST. GET. MORE.

Below I’ve listed all of the products used to make me beautiful, Tai's tips, pictures and more from my fun filled make-up adventure and etc...



Tips From Tai:

Healthy Style
·         Drink up! (Lots of water is great for keeping your body hydrated during this terrible Texas heat!)
·         Take your exercise to the “streets”!
·         Get your beauty sleep!
Career/Success Style
·         Invest wisely!
·         Try something new!
·         Meditate!
Getaway Style
·         Think travel chic! (Pack by tones and color schemes when traveling)
·         Choose your metal! 
·         Don’t be two toned!

Beauty Products Used:
-Sonic Cleansing Device 
-Cleansing Milk (Makeup Remover)
-DDML + (Moisturizer)
-BBO1 (Foundation)
-Sunswept (Highlighter/Bronzer)
-Teddy Beard Galaxy Palet (Eye Shadow)
-Black Gel & Intense Ebony (Eyeliner)
-High Imapact (Mascara)
-Superfine Black Brown (Brow Pencil/Correcter)
-Chubby Stick Grape (Lipstick) 



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