I’ve grown to understand attraction is a lot more than what’s visible to the eye. I’ve seen the prettiest people do the ugliest things and the ugliest people play pretty for beautiful things. What do you look like underneath what is visible to me? Who are you when there’s no one around to see? What is it that you want to attract others with truly?

The most beautiful people are the ones that are able to see the beauty in their scars and not fear revealing them to others. The ugliest people never accept their scars and instead scar others in the places they’ve never been able to heal. We’re attracted to those who have wounds that have healed in ways that ours haven’t. We are drawn to others on the same wave length of life as we are even if we don’t know the journey they’ve encountered to be who we perceive. If I was everything that you needed but didn’t look like anything that you ever wanted, could I ever be enough? If I looked like what I’ve been through could I still attract you?

It’s the scars that you can’t see that have shaped and formed me into being as pretty as you see. It’s the testimonies that I haven’t told you that have morphed me into the confident person before you. My eyes have matured and through time I’ve learned that what’s most beautiful to me are the things that you can’t always see. When we reach the destination of our deepest desires we in return see the depths of who we really are.


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Photographer: Sofia Mercedes ( IG:

Cropped Shirt + Skirt Set / Jewelry / Bag:  STRUT ( #strutbabe #strutbishop

Sunglasses: Rayban 

Shoes/Watch: Charlotte Russe

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