The Fundaments of Perception

I just realized the other day that if life were a sports game (with me being just 25) this would only be the first quarter.  I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of trials and tribulations coming along the way for me, so I better start training myself to approach them in a way that helps me to perceive them better than they present themselves. Last month was the craziest month ever. I had so much going on it was insane. My church was off (on vacation/break) for a whole month and I couldn’t wait to get back on the 1st of August. How inconvenient could it have been for my craziest month of the year thus far to happen the month that church was on a little vacation break?! ---HAHA! (#THINGSTHATHAPPENINMYLIFE). Church is like medicine to me, it heals me in places I didn’t know I needed healing and teaches me things that I was unaware I lacked knowledge in. During our recent bible study I got a good dose of rejuvenation and I learned a few key ingredients to keep in mind in regards to views and perceptions throughout life.

I’ve decided to classify these as:  “The Fundamentals of Perception”:

1. The way we approach our problems, imperfections, and flaws impact our view on them.

 Change your view, change you life. Everything isn’t always what it seems; Let that be a good thing sometimes. Believe that there is more than one solution to every problem. Attempt to see and understand all sides of every story, situation and issue before deciding on a final decision, choice and attitude in regards to it.

2. The opportunity in your trials is faith and endurance.

The things that you grow through prepare you for everything that you have yet to get through. The trials that you face, force you to look fear in the face and overcome it. The more times you stare fear in the face the less afraid of it you become.

2. Let your faith mature.

You will have to let go of so much more than you will ever be prepared for but I promise you that you’ll gain so much more than you ever imagined you could. If you don’t have faith, get some. If you’ve lost all hope, find it. There is a tomorrow that is better than today. You can only win in this game of life if you continuously decide to play and endure it all, no matter what “they” say. 

3. Don’t avoid opportunities for growth.

Stop hiding behind potential and step out into your destiny. What’s good for you sometimes will scare you. Growth is like medicine; it may not always look, taste or sound good, but it’s always good for you. You can only get better at life by living it. You will suck at life sometimes, but if it makes you feel better everybody has, does, and will at some point ---get used to it, get over it and get through it.

4. Don’t give up before you grow up.

If you are 25 and under---PLEASE RELAX. This is only the first quarter. Ish is going to get hard. This life is not easy. If you want something you have to work for it. If you’ve lost something or someone you will get over and through it. What’s meant to be will be & what isn’t never will be, so stop wasting time hoping that it will. The joys of your world will be in many things, but when you build them on and through the foundation of God; you will never be disappointed. Crisis and pain will come at the most unwelcoming moments and times, it’s ok to be affected but keep in mind better times will come and better moments will happen. Just around the corner from “give up” is every other reason to “keep going”.  


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