:force or speed of movement

Often times we make the mistake of believing that just because the momentum isn't as fast as we like then the force isn't as strong as we think. What's strong enough to stand on its own is just as powerful standing alone as it is in motion. Trees don't move but they’re still impactful. Just because the ocean fails to produce a hurricane that doesn’t mean that the waves are irrelevant. I’m learning that God’s delay is not God’s denial. I’m letting God do the driving in my life. I’m not concerned with what’s come and gone nor what’s to be or not to be. It all simply just is whatever it is and I’m letting it be just that. 


The expectancy for what we desire most is not as important as the time frame in which it is granted. There is truly a time and a place for everything.

“If God hasn’t given you what you wanted it is because he is concerned with giving you what you need.”

Why do we want things the way that we want them and want them right now? We want to blossom before we’re planted, we wish to develop before we grow and we seek to have before we give. Time never increases nor decreases, it remains the same; Changes come as a result of the momentum at which we live. All the things that you want, desire, and visualize for yourself are not necessarily ‘not happening’ maybe they just haven’t happened yet. You get 24 hours in each day to move towards your goals and future achievements. You get 12 months in each year to better yourself, to create yourself, and even to reinvent yourself if need be. You only get one life to live that you actually inevitably live however you choose. What is the rush? What is already is & what’s not never was. You are who you’re going to be and you’ll discover through time you’re never a lot of things that you thought you were. You’re on a constant journey to who you’re becoming which is in reality who you really are.  If we shift our focus to endure the natural momentum of life --- We get a glimpse of what it truly means to just LIVE.

“The quickest way for God to get you where he wants you is for him to know that he can use you where he has you.”



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Photographer: Sofia Mercedes (http://sofia-mercedes.com/) IG: https://www.instagram.com/sofmercedes/

Top + Short Set / Necklace / Bag:  STRUT (https://www.instagram.com/strutonbishop/) #strutbabe #strutbishop

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