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"Love Everything About Yourself"

You spend your entire life making mistakes, accepting responsibility for your faults, making peace with your failures and growing from your downfalls. As you get older you start to understand more of what you want, who you are and who you never want to be. Somewhere along this journey of self-discovery and realization you figure out how to accept every aspect of who you are, flaws and all; You finally reach a point where you love everything about yourself.

I hate the gap in my teeth on the left side of my mouth, i hate that when i smile my eyes disappear sometimes, and I also hate that I have thin side edges in my hair. BUT I HAVE LEARNED TO LOVE ALL THESE THINGS AND ACCEPT THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE! It takes courage and strength to not fall victim to our faults but it takes bravery and endurance to overcome our adversities. There’s a process that comes with love, just as there’s a process that comes with hate, each takes energy. Placing your energy in a place to be positive and see positive will allow you to then find positivity. Positioning your energy in a state of negativity, ultimately leads to you becoming the negativity that you are allowing yourself to be surrounded with. Learn to be intentional about loving yourself despite your failures and downfalls, learn to find beauty in your faults, and accept every last aspect of who you are. The process of loving everything about yourself is not always easy, but it is absolutely and most definitely necessary.


Have you heard of Boutique LEAY ?  “LEAY” stands for “Love Everything About Yourself” and the entire boutique is deigned and dedicated to helping women to embrace their flaws and love themselves for every unique trait they may posess. LaTarica Riley is the mastermind behind this beautiful boutique! LaTarica chose to put her years of experience in fashion designing and styling into developing her own platform and dream! I’m very blessed to have met her and support her in her endeavors to create something positive for women. I love these two shirts from her line! They fit very snug & show off your assets and curves very well! I'd get a size up if you're not wanting too snug of a fit. The material is faux leather (rare for a shirt) and perfect for a chilly fall day or cold winter evening. I have an obsession with leather ( Like seriously, pants, gloves ... i just LOVE IT) so i was in love with these shirts! Love my shirts too? Get yours at the website below, support a local girl boss and be sure to follow her on instagram/facebook: @boutiqueleay

Thank you LaTarica! 


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