Currently: “I only want what God has for me ---#NOTHINGELSE #THATSIT

WHATEVER & WHOEVER needs to go ... can go.

I don't need it.”

Protecting my peace has been more important to me lately than ever. I think the closer you get to God the easier it is to become content with the things you have to leave behind. I’ve reached this place where if something is asking more than I can give, I’m absolutely fine with letting it go. I only want what wants to stay.  I only desire what’s mine. I’ve worked too hard to get where I am to go back to where I was. Recently I’ve learned some things in regards to peace (so far at least):

1.     Embracing who you are and discovering what keeps or kept you from becoming the person you want to be is one of the most liberating things you will ever do in life.

2.     Waiting on God requires the willingness to bear uncertainty. He’s always worth the wait. There’s more peace in God’s possibilities vs. your own predictions.

3.     Find peace in the things, the people and the places that God shows you aren’t for you. He knows better, he has better, and there’s always better.

4.     Learn to do what's best for you (ALWAYS!) & DON"T APOLOGIZE FOR IT! (No if's, and's or but's about it!) 

5.     Everything happens for a reason (& sometimes it makes absolutely no sense) REGARDLESS ---LET IT! & then LET IT GO!

6.   If you can't find peace within, you'll never find it elsewhere; If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive.

7.     Mind your own business, it’s more peaceful.

P.S. Maybe those hippie's were on to something with the whole "Peace, Love & Happiness" movement from the 70's lol, we could use some of that around here these days. 



Photographer: Sofia Martinez 

Outfit Details // (Besides, totally, obsessing over how I look like I just like stepped out of 1972!) I've fallen in love with a store called STRUT in the BIshop Arts District. It's a little hidden gem with fun and trendy clothes for any foxy fine thang. LITERALLY everything that I'm wearing in this post is from STRUT and I'm obsessed with there endless and amazing sunglass options! (I believe all the sunglasses I currently own are actually from STRUT ... LOL). If you're ever in Dallas, you have to stop in and check it out! It's AMAZING --- I PROMISE! I mean, look at my outfit ---can't you tell ? Go follow them on instagram @strutonbishop & tag them in the looks you get with hashtags #strutbabe #strutbishop ! Tell them I sent you! ;)

Sunglasses: STRUT https://www.instagram.com/shopstrut/ 

Bell Bottoms: STRUT https://www.shopstrut.com/

Kimono: STRUT https://www.shopstrut.com/

Top: STRUT https://www.shopstrut.com/

Purse: STRUT https://www.shopstrut.com/

Necklace: STRUT https://www.instagram.com/shopstrut/

Shoes: STRUT Forever 21

Peace & Love! 


-Until Next Time,