Some people can’t live with it and some people can’t live without it. Unfortunately, we all have to put up with it in some way, shape or form. 

Noise doesn’t just present itself in the form of sound, sometimes it comes in the form of thoughts, places, people and (these days) even social media. As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to learn that though noise is nice at times, silence can be so beautiful. There’s not much more beautiful than a calm soul, a peaceful environment, and silence of the mind. You can always find or create noise, but you have to search for silence. Does peace always come from silence?  No. Can you find peace within noise? Yes. Does noise always disturb peace? No. Sometimes there’s peace within the noise.

Noise in the form of music is one of the most peaceful things to me. It’s beautiful how a song can calm your soul and how a soft melody can soothe even the deepest kinds of pain. You have to figure out how to create the noise you want, the silence you desire and the peace you crave. Just like turning off the radio when you don’t want to listen to it or changing the station when you don’t want to hear what’s playing, you have to do the same within your life. Everything that you hear, you don’t need to listen to and everything that’s playing doesn’t need to be heard. If you don’t like the topic of conversation or what someone is talking about, change the conversation (#ChangeTheChannel). If someone or something is disturbing your peace, cut it off or let it go (#TurnItOff)

There’s so much noise in the world. With politics, beliefs, and opinions it’s hard to find any silence at all.  Sometimes silence isn’t always the best solution. Over time I’ve realized that silence can be so loud sometimes, and it can create just as much of an impact as noise does. Sometimes it’s not what you said it’s what you didn’t say. Whether it be to get through or get to, I’m still constantly trying to find my way. It’s important to know when to listen and when to simply HEAR. It’s vital to know when to speak and HOW to listen. Know the difference between being NOISY and making noise. Set aside time to embrace silence and design your own if need be. Tune out the nonsense, shuffle through the static and play the soundtrack of your life exactly how you want to hear it and be heard.




Until Next Time …


Photos By: @sofmercedes #YassSofYass

Clothing Details: Vintage/Thrifted #PoppiesJeans <3