True Colors

What if I showed you who I really am? What if I showed you who I really want to be? What if I showed you the deepest parts of my desires and allowed you the opportunity to experience the deepest parts of me? Would you accept each and every flaw, would you run from what you saw, could you handle a truth so raw?

There are two sides to everything and everyone. What you see on the outside isn’t always what’s truly on the inside. Who you allow others to see you as, isn’t always exactly who you are. Sometimes it’s better to protect and preserve the pieces of who we are, in other times it’s the elements of the unpublicized that hinder us from the unfiltered realities of who we actually are.

I’m intrigued by the authenticity of the imperfect. It’s the effortless acceptance of faults, flaws, and weaknesses that astonishes me the most. That someone could be so bold to look at himself/herself and see exactly who they are and choose to say “I love who I am anyway”. There’s great beauty in the truth. There’s more amazement in the real. You find more peace in the genuine. I’d rather be shown what’s more rare to see, than what’s generally already known.

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? Better yet, can you look yourself in the mirror? Can you open up yourself to see all that you are prohibiting others to see? Sometimes you have to start over. Sometimes you have to re-paint. If you find that you’ve gone through the colors of yourself and you still can’t figure out whom you truly are. Re-paint! Re-paint and keep painting until you find yourself, until you see yourself, until you meet yourself. THEN Expose yourself until you free yourself.

“It’s hard to find real things and real people anymore, I’m just trying to bring that back”-Vic Sanders #THATPART


Style Advisory: The dress I’m wearing is a design from a local clothing line called ‘Patty Maxine’. ‘Patty Maxine’ is created and designed by fashion designer, blogger and friend of mine, Latosha Johnson. Many of the pieces from the Patty Maxine collection are reversible, interchangeable, and can be mixed and matched easily. I love when there are multiple ways to wear clothing items! By simply adding or subtracting a waist belt and flipping a shirt from front to back you can create a whole new look.  

Jacket: Vintage | Necklace: Vintage | Shoes: BCBG

Location: Bishop Arts District , Dallas TX 

Batgirl Mural by: Steve Hunter (oakcliffbatgirl

Photos By: Sofia Mercedes Martinez



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