Gray Matter

When you enter the world you enter in what I like to think is a pure white noise kind of sense. You have dreams, goals, and aspirations that are out of this world and bigger than life itself, but when all is said and done, when all the cheers stop and all the hustle settles ---just as it does every night when you close your eyes before bed, it all fades to black.


Do we ever really know where we want to go in life? Are we ever really sure about the things that we want or the choices that we make? Do we ever really and truly know where it is that we are meant to be in this life? I’m more of a “cross that bridge when I get there” kind of person but what I can say is --- I know exactly what and which bridge I want to cross. I call this gray matter.

Gray Matter: The point at which one is in between or in the midst of reality and dreams; The juxtaposition of passion and position.

The older I get the more I realize that it’s not so much about having the perfect destination, it’s about creating your very own version of the perfect journey to your custom made/designed destiny.


Most people experience gray matter during the stages of life where they feel they are not where they need to be, not doing what they want do, not happy with where they are, or not satisfied with what they have. Gray matter usually forms presence at the point where one begins to realize they should be blossoming or growing into a rose but are stuck withering and dwindling into a weed. A weed by definition is: a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation, "a plant in the wrong place". The process of handling weeds consists of simply picking or pulling them from the position or place they are in and putting them in a more desirable location. If weeding a plant is that simple what’s your excuse for not weeding out the weeds in your garden of life?


There is always time, opportunity and chances to change. We fail to realize and recognize when the potential for a difference in our lives presents itself. Why do we allow ourselves to believe that the elements of the present are all there is and all there ever will be? Why is it that the unknown scares us so much? DREAMS ONLY COME TRUE IF YOU WAKE UP FROM THEM AND MAKE THEM REALITY ---YOU CAN’T SIMPLY JUST WAKE UP, THAT’S ONLY THE FIRST STEP! It’s ok to experience gray matter as long as you never allow yourself to get caught up or stuck in it. DOUBT KILLS MORE DREAMS THAN FAILURE EVER WILL You can only overcome darkness with light. You can only see your way through the dark nights because of the light that shines from the stars. Gray matter is only a state or point, it is not a final destination. Find the direction in which your heart desires for you to go and remove yourself from the point, state or position in which you reside. Allow yourself to grow and blossom if you are a rose. Relocate and refocus yourself if you’ve been posing as a weed. Forget where you are, but never forget where you want to go. 

Photos/Photography By: Dayna Renee / Dayna Renee Photography

DRESS: STRUT (Bishop Arts) 

Shoes: Windsor


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