Sounds of Blackness


The Bishop Arts District is not only one of my favorite hidden little gems in Dallas, but also one of my favorite places to shoot. When I saw this mural, with such a beautiful quote I just had to include it in my shoot! At the time I didn’t really realize how much it would inspire me. As a result, I wrote a couple different things based off of it and combined it into A TWO PART post. Enjoy!

Mural/Artwork: Kyle Steed

Photos/Photography By: Dayna Renee / Dayna Renee Photography

Part ONE//

Sounds of Blackness

The skin of a hershey. I glow in the sun. I am the product of my ancestors that have historically overcome. The color of the rarest sugar. I am the sweetest there could be. I have sisters that come in various colors and shades like me. My natural hair is one of the most beautiful parts of me. I can transform it into anything I want it to be.  My kisses are like honey. My touch is like silk. When I move, feel my adrenaline. Covered in melanin. I’m built with curves that could curve any test. I am fearfully and wonderfully made by nothing but the best.

I am black. I am the definition of all that is fantastic.

I am royalty by default. My crown cannot be bought. I am a child from the above. I have a precious kind of love. I do not resemble those that I make tremble. I do not give care to those that stop and stare. I am a rare find, me and the others of my kind.

I am black. I am the epitome of all things magic.

Take caution I may glow. I am kin to women that could stop any show. Pretty. Fine. Brown. Me and my girls could shut anything down. I am strong no matter what goes wrong. I will always find a way to go on.  Throw what you must. I’ll overcome, with God I’ve given all my trust.  It’s been said that I have a certain attitude. Perhaps its just that I simply don’t tolerate anything rude. I speak with wisdom. I walk with confidence. I get up, I pray, and I slay each and everyday.

“I am dripping melanin and honey. I am black without apology.”-Upile


Running. We run. Sometimes from things that we believe are too beautiful and good and sometimes from things that are terrible into something much more horrible. Blindly, aimlessly, pointlessly we run without full consideration of the things we leave behind, damage we create, or full knowledge of what’s ahead of us.

Sometimes the ugliest monsters have the most beautiful disguises. Some nightmares start as beautiful dreams. Sometimes the bad comes with the good. That’s life. When standing in the face of evil do you drown and suffer in fear or do you rise above it? The world seems as though it has taken a turn for the worst lately. There’s more negative than positive, more bad than good and it seems as though it’s easier to be the worst than it is to be the best. There used to be a certain level of grace given and a decent amount of mercy offered. The days of compassionate people, sympathetic individuals and kindhearted souls has come and gone. We all have seemingly become caught up in what I like to call the “sounds of blackness”.  We must overcome.

Latest Lesson:

You can’t wait for someone to tell you to “come over” in order for you to overcome.  Never be afraid of anything, not the good, the bad, the beautiful, or the ugly. Whatever comes, let it come. Whatever goes, let it go. 


Picked this spicy little #BAE dress up from a sporadic trip to California this summer. I saw it in the window of a store near the Santa Monica Pier & had to have it. I love that it’s got a sporty vibe to it that makes it fun to wear with kicks/sneakers but still can be dressed up with a fun heel or bootie. Try something similar with a slimming plain dress that shows off your curves! Add a choker, backpack purse and comfy shoes for a fun 90’s vibe look or add a cute chunky heel and statement jewelry for a more dressed up feel.



Until Next Time …

Jewelry: Michael Kors / Charlotte Russe

Shoes: Windsor 

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