This Is For The Cool

Guess who's back ?! Sorry for the wait haha! I just recently started working full time for an awesome fashion company, and for the past two weeks I've been caught up in being a full time fashionista, but the wait is over! I have missed blogging and I couldn't wait to post this outfit! Can I just say that I had so much fun with this look! I LOVE IT!! It's so tomboy chic, comfy, flirty and COOL! The shirt is actually courtesy of my boyfriend's closet lol. It's an extended T-shirt with a zipper detail on the side that I thought was just perfect for me to wear as a dress! The leather hat is courtesy of my boyfriends cousin who got it at a vintage/thrift store and decided that he didn't want it anymore, I have been wanting a leather snapback for the absolute longest and when I tried it on with this dress I was absolutely and completely in love with the edgy factor that it added to the whole outfit. The jewelry I'm wearing is a mix of Aldo, Michael Kors, vintage gold and Charlotte Russe. My purse is also from Charlotte Russe, the gold chain detail was everything with this look! If you can't tell by now I have a serious thing for graffiti walls (Loooovvvveee theeemmm), they seem to make everything pop! The graffiti walls were like the icing on the cake for this look, it gave my pictures that ultimate element of old school effortless cool! Hope you enjoyed this look as much as I enjoyed putting it together, photographing in it and writing about it! Don't you just love fashion? You wake up everyday as a blank canvas and through fashion you paint and draw out the way you want to look and "taaadaaa" two or three outfit changes later a masterpiece has been created from your very own closet and that very masterpiece represents you and who you are in every way possible; from the shirt you wear to the accessories and shoes you choose to put on, everyday you are an invention all your own. 

-Happy Inventing! 


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