Just Keep It Black & White

 Black and white is one of my favorite color combinations to wear, it's simple, classic and always in style. Sometimes the most simple things make the biggest impression. You're never over or underdressed in black and white. One of my mottos is: "When in doubt ... wear black and white". I actually also like to add a pop of color like red to my outfit when I wear black and white but this time I decided that black and white was just enough. As you can see I had an absolute blast taking these pictures and posing by the graffiti wall (I have this thing for graffiti haha). Did I mention that these are the most comfortable/softest pants that I think I've ever worn? The tribal design on them makes them a dressy fun look for a lunch date or day out on the town. What's your favorite color combo? 


Photos By: Alexis Coats

Briana RokerComment