Sisterhood Saturdaze // Guided Meditation w/ Dr. G

You are the most important person that you will ever meet. No relationship is more important than the relationship that you have with yourself.  Why is it that so many of us have no idea who we are? For what reason is it that we continuously fail to check into ourselves but constantly remember to check up on others? How is it that we can possibly expect to ever reach the best version of ourselves if we are not even committed to taking ownership of who we already are?

This year I’ve been taking self care to a whole new level! I suppose the more I’ve learned about myself, the more I’ve realized how valuable I am. I’ve also realized that nobody can or should take better care of me than me.

 I’m blessed to have some really awesome people in my life that not only love me, but care about how well I take care of “me” as well. My friend, Dr Genovia Holmes is a therapist, speaker, self care coach and a host of other amazing things including my business partner for “The Impact”. Recently, Genovia started a wonderful event called “Self Care + Sisterhood Saturdaze -“Guided Meditation with Dr. G”. I attended not knowing that it would be one of the best Saturday morning decisions I’ve made thus far! The event began with sessions including a guided meditation, journaling, and discussion. There was a sisterhood mixer immediately following the sessions infused with good vibes, good drinks, and good food! Click Play to Watch the recap video below! 



The ENTIRE event was committed and dedicated to finding/ and or creating a calm, relaxing, peaceful and mindful arena within yourself to inevitably flourish! It was very much so needed, and beyond impactful! This was my very first meditation experience ever, and I honestly at this point have no idea what I was doing with my life to have never tried it! At the event I learned about how to create freedom within myself & within my truth, while being in the presence of others who were dedicated to doing the same. There were many moments during our journaling time, where I heard myself through the voice of someone else as they shared; For I was her and she was me. It’s not everyday that you meet strangers who allow themselves to be vulnerable with you, let alone be guided with you as well. There’s so much misunderstanding in the power of women and the empowerment that they instill in one another. We must continue to do better, get better, and be better- for one another, to one another, with one another, but most importantly for ourselves.


3 lessons learned:

1.     Serving yourself is the only way that you are capable of serving others.

2.     Taking care of yourself is a responsibility not a choice.

3.     Regularly finding time to tend to ourselves is necessary, not a luxury.


Thank you Genovia, for continuosly reminding me to stay constantly dedicated to tapping into the power that I already have, because I’ve experienced your power I’ve realized so much more about mine. I am truly grateful for that.  The next “Self Care + Sisterhood Saturdaze -“Guided Meditation with Dr. G” will be held this Saturday March 31st & I’ll be there! Get your tickets now before they sell out! This is definitely an event that you don’t want to miss , your soul will thank you for it! – I promise!

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