Dear 2017

"I was who I was, but I am who I am. I’m fine with both of them ... "

Dear 2017,

You taught me/ I learned:

1. Bravery isn’t always in standing up and fighting, sometimes it means walking away and letting go.

Bravery: Walking away from everything that you prayed God for, because he said so, (he said not right now … or not yet) but STILL trusting in him. Trusting in God and having faith in his direction and plan for you is never easy, but it will be one of the bravest things that you ever have to do. It never gets easier no matter how many times you have to do it, but it will always be NECESSARY whenever it needs to be done. No matter what the process is … do it, go with it, & trust it.

2. Choose yourself & never apologize for it because you don’t have to.

Liberation:  Seeing your worth far better than anyone else ever will, and being satisfied even if no one ever does. By the time “they’ figure out/realize what you’re worth you’ll be worth way more.

3. Energy is an investment. Be responsible with what/who you give it to and wise enough to know what/who to take it from.

4. You never have to convince anyone to love you if you love yourself enough … & loving yourself will always be enough.

5. Consistency is more important than perfection. No more “Stay Tuned” --- JUST SHOW UP!

6. Never regret anything that was ever beautiful even if it’s ugly now.

7. You WILL let yourself down. HAVE COURAGE & GET UP! You are who you believe you are in your rise, never allow yourself to believe who you are in your time down (you’re better than that).

8. You MUST keep yourself full. You don’t have anything to give that you don’t have.

9. Make silent moves & giant steps.

10. Never assume that loud is strong and quiet is weak. It takes a lot of strength to remain quiet.

11. Even if you cant figure it out, life keeps going. Trust that it’s coming together even if it’s falling apart. Get as much from your losses as you do your victories because your losses are there to wake you up.

12. Righteousness does not eliminate you from hardship. What God allows, he controls.

13.You cannot want all the benefits of your blessings and none of the responsibilities. You cannot be a soldier of God and not expect to be called to war. Worship while being weary … because God is working. All things works together is for the good.

14. By any and all means, do whatever it is and whatever you must to free yourself & BE FREE ….

15.The absolute state of well being: FREEDOM (NOT HAPPINESS)

16.There are far more blessings ahead of you than there will ever be behind you.

17. The current never returns, the future is always near.

Intentional goals to incorporate:

-Read more.

-Let go more.

-Give more.

-Try more.

-Challenge yourself more.

-Take care of yourself more.

-Go where you’ve never been.

-Do what you’ve never done.

-Recognize what life means and LIVE, recognize what is dead and let DIE.


The change you want to see …

The person you desire to love …

The energy you want to attract …

The fruit loop in a bowl of cheerios …

The light in the darkness …

The one that didn’t give up …

The one that didn’t walk away …

The positive despite the negative …

The hope in the defeat …

Victory is coming …




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