The Elements of Happiness

PC: Dayna Renee / Dayna Renee Photography

PC: Dayna Renee / Dayna Renee Photography

What is the true element of happiness? Is there some special ingredient used to complete the overall recipe for it?  For some people it is very important to find that which makes them happy, for some happiness lies in what they create, and for most happiness is sought from within. What is happiness? What does it really mean to be happy?


For me pure happiness lies in the simple aspect of being able to do what I want, how I want, with who I want, however I want UNAPOLEGITICLY; It is the unprecedented form of being purely, absolutely and fully who I am with no second thoughts, outside judgment or criticism. Unparalleled FREEDOM! I also find happiness in the little things like strawberries (my favorite), cooking dinner, and wearing shoes that I forgot about.                                                                                        

We seek, we search, we hunt, we pursue this so called element of happiness when in reality it is to be found within ourselves. It isn’t that we don’t know that it exists; it is that we have to stay in a constant journey to find it, lose and regain it within our lives. Through time, over years, and as time passes we often find that, that which once provided us with overwhelming happiness was only temporary and that which indeed founds the happiness in which we can sustain throughout the rest of our lives is much more difficult to grasp.

It isn’t that happiness grows harder and deeper to find, it is that our energy changes, therefore shifting that which happiness evolves through and from. When you were five having five dollars was like having a million bucks! With that five dollars, you could walk up to the ice cream truck feeling like a boss, but as you got older having five dollars didn’t seem as fancy as you thought previously. The 5 dollar bill didn’t change nor lose it’s value it simply lost it’s value in the energy that you now utilize in the creation of your happiness.


Ecclesiastes 1: 9 ‘That which has been, is that which will be, And that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun.


Happiness finds it’s presence in multiple ways and sometimes very simple forms but we are concerned with positioning our energy in far too many vast aspects to really recognize and enjoy it.  It truly is the little things in life that matter the most. The simple gestures, acts of affection, making of memories, and pleasant little surprises that count more than we like to admit at times. Sometimes opening up your eyes to what is within your grasp instead of being dazed by what is out of your reach is the best way to see what it is that you need.


Acceptance of what is, with wisdom of what has been, was, and will be brews freedom from all first and second thoughts of what’s to come --- and in return forms peace.  There is a difference between understanding and acceptance. There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. There is a difference between liberty and freedom. There is a difference between peace and happiness. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. APPLY THE DIFFERENCE. RECOGNIZE THE DIFFERENCE. Allow the present to have a presence and the past to obtain absence. There is always something to smile about and be happy for. Live, let go and let be. If the best is yet to come, for now just let the rest just be --- & be happy.

Outfit Details:

Necklace: I was invited to an event at a wonderful store called Opportunity Market a little while ago and I had a wonderful time! The store is comprised of all handmade, unique, and authentic items created from all over the world. The necklace I’m wearing was hand-made and by the purchase of it I helped a woman in need (every purchase does). This necklace has been one of my favorites lately! Please go check out Opportunity Market if you haven’t yet, it’s AMAZING!

Jeans:  H&M

Heels: Charotte Russe

Photographer: Dayna Renee/ Dayna Renee Photography


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