Phenomenal Women


There is something about the presence of a woman that can change the entire energy and complete vibe of any and every situation. Women have this hidden power that allows us to walk into any room and own it. From the twist in our hips when we walk, to the soft sweet tone of our voices when we speak, we as women are very special and beautiful in our own way.


I absolutely love being a woman and I’m very pleased with the woman I’m becoming. I’ve learned the value of a good woman is priceless but any and everybody is willing to pay the price for/to have/or be a bad b_____. Celebrities, TV, social media, magazines and etc. are raising young girls to believe that who they are isn’t enough and that they need extra added nonsense to be beautiful, special and acceptable. With makeup, the right clothes, hair, and attitude you could be whoever and whatever you want. Too bad I just want to be myself. See, I believe that whoever and whatever it is that you want to do and be, YOU ALREADY ARE, you’re simply on the journey to figuring it out and realizing it. How are you ever going to realize who you are if you’re so focused on being someone else? There can only be one you. Each and every woman is one of a kind. I don’t want to be as amazing as so & so, or as beautiful and successful as blah-blah, I want to be my own kind of beautiful. I want to create my own success.

                                                             …Speaking of beautiful and successful women…

 I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Tia Vaughn, an absolutely beautiful and successful local jewelry designer/artist here in Dallas Tx. Tia specializes in uniting contemporary art with fashion forward jewelry. Her jewelry line is called TARTE LAINE DESIGNS and it is inspired by life, movement, emotions, and trending seasonal colors. Tia’s pieces consist of miniature hand-painted canvases that are embedded to create timeless and unique pieces that preserve and enhance colors. Her designs synthesize her lifelong interest in art, design, fashion, and all things creative. They’re one-of-a kind and made that way to represent the uniqueness of the individual who supports her business. Tia’s jewelry is an extension of each person’s personality, style, taste in fashion and art. All of her pieces are original, hand-painted, and have never been recreated in any way----similar to what/how women should be. We are all unprecedented and custom made. We were created not duplicated. We are meant to be simply who we are and no one else. Who else can be you better than you? Who else can be me better than me? I’m proud of who I was, who I am becoming, and who I will be, because despite whatever I was, whatever I am, and whoever I will be, I am phenomenal.  I’m a woman, phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s me.”








Don’t you just love the jewelry I’m wearing? It’s beautiful right?!---ALL from TARTE LAINE DESIGNS! You can find it at If you see anything that catches your eye, use the code BSR15 for a 15% off discount on your very own one-of-a kind piece. Also follow TARTE LAINE DESIGNS on instagram @tartelainedesigns & facebook at TARTE LAINE Designs

Jewelry: Tarte Laine Designs (

Skirt/Shoes: Windsor

Hat: Forever21

Jacket: #Ross

Photos By: Dayna (Renee) Soar (IG: @itsdaynarenee FB: Dayna Renee Photography )



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