Double Denim

How crazy is it that I've had these jeans since I was in middle school and i can still fit them?! They used to be a lot bigger on me and I used to despise the huge bell bottom look, but since I've grown up and evolved my perception of fashion I've actually taking quite a liking to these little classics. I love how both my shirt and jeans used to look completely different and each have their own little story behind the way they are now. I cut the sleeves off of an old denim long sleeve button up because I was growing out of it but I didn't want to give it away (StoryOfEveryFashionistasLife) as a result, I now have a denim vest/shirt that I like to tie and pair up with cute skirts or pants. The rips in my pants were the result of an experiment haha. I wanted to learn to create rips so I tried practicing with scissors and razors on a few items that turned out to be a complete failure afterwards, finally I used the scissors on my pants and "TAADAA!!" the perfect ripped bell bottom jeans were born! I wonder if everybody has crazy experimental pieces in their closets that turned out to be cute ... I have so many its crazy haha. Hope you enjoyed !