Pinch Of Print

Well hello there! I'm Briana S. Roker, also known as BSRTheFashionista and welcome to my blog. I'm so excited to share my passion for fashion with the world! Bare with me, I'm new to this whole blogger thing and still trying to figure a few things out haha, but never underestimate the #NewKidOnTheBlock. Anywho, here's my official first post! #Yaay!

A dash of black, a hint of leather, a splash of orange, and a pinch of print. I absolutely love leather and the idea of pairing it with any everything I can, it just seems to give an extra edge of taste and polish to everything. These polka dot shorts are definitely on the top of my "Most Awesome Thrift Items Ever Bought" list, they're perfect with flowy spring tanks and summer tops. I have this weird "get cold too fast, get hot very rare" type of body temperature so I always have to have a jacket or sweater. I love that this outfit is not too hot and not too cold, It's the perfect outfit for a spring lunch date or summer evening outing. No jacket and you're ready for the spring breeze, or simply add the jacket and you're ready for the crazy cool nights.