Something Black Something Blue

Don't you just love summer?! I'm a winter baby but I love the summer! It's something about the pops of color, the easy breezy styles and the relaxed feelings that come along with it that make me love it even more. While taking a browse through Ross one day, these little blue tribal print shorts caught my eye and I had to try them on! I fell in love with the ease of the fit (they have no zipper and no buttons, they simply just slide on) and I knew that they would be perfect for flowy summer tops. I found this cute black high-low Cotton-On tank at a thrift store that I thought was so cool because it's cotton on the front and silk on the back! My shoes were a random gift my boyfriend got for me from a store called Shi and I love how chic and expensive they look even though they're not haha! The best thing about this whole outfit is that altogether (shoes included) it was only around $40! #FrugalandFabulous 
-Sometimes you don't have to spend a ton to look look terrific.

Photos By: Abby Santana