Concrete Roses


Growth: Such a hard thing to endure yet such a beautiful thing to discover. I’ve grown so much in the past six months or so it’s crazy. I believe there are two kinds of growth, the kind that breaks you down then helps you to rise, and the kind that pushes you down and forces you to get back up. I went through the “push-force” kind and it was rough (to say the least). Every single aspect of my life went wrong all at the same time! I was so done with everything, everybody, and life plus all of it’s challenges, but I decided not to let all the things that were trying to push me down break me. It took me a minute but I got back up! 

Being twenty-something sometimes the smallest things seem like the end of the world, but as time goes you realize that there’s a rainbow for every storm, sometimes you get a rainbow after the storm and sometimes you go through a few more storms before you can get to a rainbow, but it will come. Being strong enough to endure the storm to find the rainbow is something you learn through growth. You have to loose to win sometimes but it’s all about the fight! Thank God that we don’t look like what we’ve been through. There will be a challenge before every obstacle, a trial following a little tribulation here and there, and a ton of growth throughout the entire process but I’m only 23 right?  

#Message: "If you're going through it, don't worry you'll grow through it". As women we are so delicate and beautiful in design, consistent of so many different emotions and sensitive tendencies, similar to a flower. I’ve learned that if I were a flower, not only am I a rose, I’m a concrete rose and even though I may fall and stumble sometimes -I get back up. Like the roses that grow from the concrete despite all the difficult circumstances in which it has to endure to do so, I too learned to endure the absolutely crazy, ridiculous and insane circumstances that attempted to consume me and push me down and instead I CHOSE to grow from it! & Still ... I rise. 

                                          If you were a flower what kind would you be?

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Photos By: Dayna Soar

Sunglasses: Retro City Sunglasses Skirt/Top: Forever 21 Bag: Michael Kors Watch: Charlotte Russe Kimono: Ross

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