Joy is a funny little thing, it can sometimes be one of the hardest things to find and then others be so present that it overwhelms you. Though unique and sometimes unattainable, joy can be found in some of the simplest things. As I sit here writing this message during the dead of December here in Dallas, I can’t help but reflect over the year and all the joy I’ve found throughout it all. This year hasn’t been perfect by any means but what I can say is through all the hardships, trials, and tribulations that I faced during it, I never let anyone/anything steal my joy or take my smile away. I’ve learned at the tender age of twenty-three that you’ve got one life to live, and sometimes “ish” just happens but you have to learn to smile through your pain, get through the hard days on your own sometimes, and learn how to rescue yourself. Find what brings you joy and let it. Embrace it.


Fashion brings me joy. The simple act of getting dressed up, putting on a nice outfit or going shopping can bring me joy. It’s just something about the way that you feel when you wear your brand new shoes on the first day of school or a new dress on your first date that brings so much happiness. With Christmas coming up in a few days joy, happiness, and giving are in full rotation. At this time of year even if you’ve been playing hide and seek with joy and happiness you can find it, give it, and even share it. Fashion is a big part of the holiday season; everyone is trying to buy something nice for his or her loved ones. Scarves, socks, and sweaters are one of the top sellers during Christmas and make for great gifts. I have the craziest obsession with scarves currently they instantly upgrade a plain t-shirt and jeans to something a little more put-together and stylish. It’s the little details that make all the difference. The same goes for joy; it’s the smallest little details in things that produce it. No matter what you’ve been through, what you’re going through, look forward to where you’re going and find joy in the journey. I honestly think that though things do bring joy, joy resides within us. Simply say: “Today I choose joy” and let it be. If you can find it, give it or share it and maybe someone will do the same in return to you.


Romans 15:13

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”


Wishing you more days full of joy and happiness!

Merry Christmas!



Photos By: Dayna (Renee) Soar (IG: @itsdaynarenee)

Sweater: Banana Republic Scarf: Macy's Jeans: Thrifted Shoes: Forever 21 Bag: Kate Landry (Dillards) Watch: Michael Kors Earrings/Bracelets: Charlotte Russe

Style Advisory:  Try spicing up a simple sweater and jeans with a scarf, fancy boots and statement accessories. Keeping it casual can still be cute. Pop color shoes and accessories make any boring outfit or basic ensemble come to life. Dare to add red pants with a yellow top and blue accessories with a green dress. Try something different. 

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