Falling Into Fall

Fall is so similar to life. Just as the trees lose their leaves in the fall season, we too lose traits and characteristics about ourselves. We lose interest in things that don't support our character or sustain our personality, and we begin to let go of the things that are no longer needed in our lives to make room for new opportunities to grow, new blessings to come, and new characteristics to blossom. We fall, we grow, we blossom. 

I am a January baby but I absolutely hate the cold! I love everything about fall/winter clothes but I just can’t deal with the freezing temperatures. As a result, I always have to make sure that my fall/winter wardrobe is just as warm as it is fashionable. I’m transitioning slowly into fall by getting basics, and necessities first (solid long sleeves, nice pants/jeans, solid cardigans/sweaters), then adding staple pieces (plaid/flannel shirts, ripped pants, ankle booties)  a few statement items (leather/denim jackets, fur vests, long coats/kimonos) and then accessories (wide brim hats, oversized scarves, fringe bags). Some items from my spring/summer wardrobe may make an appearance or two as well; Just because it’s fall that doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing all clothing items from other seasons. (It can be done!)  Can't wait to show off some of my fall looks! Follow me on instagram: @bsrthefashionista to see some of my new buys and OOTD's ("outfit of the day"). 

STYLE ADVISORY: When updating or revamping any wardrobe, basics are vital! (If you ever need any help updating your wardrobe, re-vamping your style or just in general with styling or fashion, let me know! I style and I'd love to help you out! )

Not only am I transitioning wardrobe wise, I’m also transitioning into natural hair. Going natural was a very random, spontaneous, and lightly deliberated decision. I just decided not to get a perm any more and here I am! I’m still doing a lot of research and learning but so far, I don't have any serious complaints besides a few tangle tantrums and nerves. I've been loving protective styling. I learned how to do marley twists (which I loved) thanks to youtube and I currently have crochet braids installed (waking up and having little to nothing to do to my hair has been amazing ... #winning). I’m excited to see what’s in store on this new hair journey of mine.

STYLEFILE: This weekend I'll be styling a friend of mine for a small trip she's taking and I'll be live broadcasting from periscope. Be sure to tune in and follow me on persicope: @brianaroker so that you won't miss out on all the fashionable goodness! 

Photos By: Dayna (Renee) Soar

Hat: Forever 21 Sweater: Banana Republic Dress: Forever 21 Shoes: Windsor Jewelry: (necklace) Charlotte Russe  (watch) Michael Kors Bag: Michael Kors


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