Phases Of Fall

Photos By:

Dayna Soar

Once again I'm back! Happy November! The phases of fall are finally here! Unfortunately in Texas one day it's fall and the next day it's summer so it can sometimes be a gamble when choosing what to wear.  I call that weird time period the "Phases Of Fall". I've learned that for those crazy summer/fall days mixing pieces that can be worn in both cool fall days or warm summer days that turn into chilly fall nights is the best option. You simply must be prepared for whatever! My shirt is a vintage tunic-like shirt (that I tucked in) courtesy of my wonderful mothers closet! She bought it way-back-when (so afr back when that it has shoulder pads in it lol) but I love the print! My skirt is real leather and it was actually a gift from an old co-worker of mine who was planning to sell it or give it away to whoever wanted it because she couldn't fit it any more, I happened to be the lucky candidate she chose! :) It's perfect for the cool fall days or fall/summer days that aren't scorching hot! My hat is a cross between a fedora and something I could probably find in my grandpa's hat collection. I like the old school feel of it and I've noticed that it always gives an effortless element of cool to everything I usually put it with. My bag is by

Antonio Melani

and I got it in a giveaway that was held at my job one day. I love Antonio Melani! It's the perfect small purse (it looks really small but it can hold a ton!). I tend to have a random assortment of stuff in my purse 99.9% of the time, so I am in love with the fact that it can contain all the craziness of my everyday lifestyle haha! My bracelets are from

Charlotte Russe

, they always have good options for stacking bracelets. Last but not least my lovely suede black heels are a recent purchase from

Forever 21

 and I am so happy I found them because I needed a new good black heel! Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find! 

Special Thank You to the photographer of my lovely pictures Ms.

Dayna Soar

! If you aren't following her on instagram what are you doing with your life? #FollowHer #SheIsAmazing #ThankYouDayna

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