Hello Yellow

Well hello yellow! Color is a very important aspect of any successful wardrobe. Whether it's a colorful necklace, shoe, or pair of pants the right pop of color can bring any outfit to life! A few years back colored jeans were super popular and I just had to get a pair so I bought a green and pink pair. Unfortunately pink and green pants weren't the easiest colors to wear with everything and I found myself looking either really tacky or too "matchy-matchy"every time I wore them. Since my style has improved a great deal I tried colored jeans out again and I picked out these golden yellow mustard colored pants from


and I love them (they never fade!). I usually pair them with basics but this time I decided to try a multi-colored blouse that I thrifted and I loved the look. After putting on my favorite gold

Michael Kors

watch, multi-colored silver, gold and bronze clutch (courtesy of my mom's closet), vintage ring, and brown sandals (with a golden heel), I really liked how the color of my pants were able to stand out but not overshadow the other elements of my outfit. Color can sometimes be a bit tricky to style and wear, but I think I pulled this look off pretty well. Small statement pieces are always a good way to spice up a look as well. Try throwing on your favorite watch, purse and statement necklace with a basic top and colored jeans and see what color can do for you! Fashion is sometimes a matter of trial and error but sometimes that is all the fun of it!  P.S. My hair was awesome! 

Photos by: Abby Santana 



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